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Public Enemies 2009 [English] DVDR.[720p] Torrent Download

Public Enemies (2009)

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Public Enemies torrent

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Year: 2009
Genre: Biography, Crime, Drama
Director: Michael Mann
Starring: James Russo, David Wenham, Johnny Depp

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Difficulties in the 1930s in a booming crime wave in the famous American gangsters John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson and Pretty Boy Floyd was trying to down.
What was John Dillinger? We all know that was a flamboyant criminal who robbed banks, but what was it? , Who Dillinger was the question is much more interesting than the question of who Dillinger DID, but this film, unfortunately, chose to concentrate only seriously have recently former.This almost immediately on the film goes out of his way - with poor grasp of history time series, by the way - to show us what Dillinger did and that he hung around, but has almost nothing to investigate what Dillinger was as a person, or even criminal. It implies that Dillinger could be passionate lover and a loyal friend, but shows little evidence other than thrown-together little seduction scene (with girlfriend / his heroine look like a pushover dim witted) and awkward love scene.Even Dilling foil, Melvin Purvis is MANNS hands of mystery. Does he take care of justice at all, if only for personal evangelism fascist? He was competent to less, or was just a bumbling idiot? Squinty-eyed after watching just to convey so all.Michael Mann seems to be terrible hurry to tell the story of how he got stuck between the need to unite rather comprehensive crime oGraph the notorious gangster American rock and hard place to keep the film less than 2 1/2 hours.As result, beautifully shot and edited the film, which had much promise ends in a little more than silly, shoot em-up action movie wearing a fedora in historical romance. Good times, but not serious film.Grade: C +. Things to look for: MANNS ridiculously ham-handed and obvious political commentary on the use of torture on the way 2/3 through the film, psychotically aggressive play Baby Face Nelson and Stephen Graham, cold old products (radio Zenth) , great fashion sense.

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