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To the Wonder 2012 (English) (DVD) 720p Torrent Download

To the Wonder (2012)

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To the Wonder torrent

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Year: 2012
Genre: Drama, Romance
Director: Terrence Malick
Starring: Ben Affleck, Olga Kurylenko, Rachel McAdams

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After visiting Mont Saint-Michel, Marina and Neil come to Oklahoma, where problems arise. Marina meets a priest and fellow exile, struggling with his vocation, while Neil renews his relationship with childhood friend, Jane.
Terrence Malick, director of recent years most discussed painting, tree of life, hiding his new film with wonder at the Film Festival in Venice. I came to see the Master, but he was also interested Malicks new film. I hesitated to stir for itself. Malick is widely regarded as a filmmaker Control Freak, meditated for several years, and releasing his films incredibly rare. I felt it was too early to drink between Malick problem further work. after a film as personal as TTOF, I thought it might be a little 'more work, such as the Coen brothers did not follow on Earth and a ball screw minimalist comedy Burn After Reading. How unprepared and ill also was.To Wonder is a wonderful movie. Tree of Life was a huge success IMHO, and this film is not so much lag behind in terms of scope, ambition and success. from every point of view is a great film. its strong growth in malicks small but vital body of work. The acting is very good, but how TTOF aa small Malick back seat to do his duty. Affleck and McAdams very good, as Bardem and Kurylenko. Do not give too much plot or character specific details. most of it is in the long plot summary released yesterday on-line as well. are very dreamlike and the lack of dialogue as TTOF. tells much of his story through images, music and characters who physically act toward each other. I never liked Affleck as an actor before. HES are good, but I wouldnt someone else in mind role.About what Affleck said yesterday. the wonder that is TTOF watch transformers. This topic is so exaggerated and almost sick. if anything, TTOF is still experimental, as miracle. that does not detract from the enormous ambition of this film though. I am so excited that Malick work faster now. it really is a dream to have a film of Malick in 3 consecutive years. Next year is the glasses knight. could be excited. as TTOF, this film rich reward repeated viewing, but it is slightly more accessible than TTOF. people who have had problems with the whole universe and dinosaurs thing TTOF not have to worry about here. too ambitious, is a bit 'more to the ground, and will be more attractive to a wider audience. This is not to say that the mainstream to adopt this film, because it is accustomed to. its Malick film through and through, and I could not be thankful for that.Before've seen, the race for my favorite movie of the year is actually reduced to the master (which was great, but still in the works ) and SUD wild beasts. Malicks film opened the box. 5/5

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