Monday, August 12, 2013

Jacob 2011 English DVDRip.x264 Torrent Download

Jacob (2011)

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Jacob torrent

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Year: 2011
Genre: Horror
Director: Larry Wade Carrell
Starring: Grace Powell, Dylan Horne, Krystn Caldwell

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Lonely and disturbed Jacob Need loved his little sister more than anything in the world. When tragedy strikes, Jacob cut back the only way to know - and everyone who crosses his path will know no limits in his Bruton lis revenge.
My wife and I are big fans of horror. And see mostly rare and hard to find movie. But time has made us almost immune to jump from point sacry, but in a very bad place, because they are derived Comicpalooza, they managed to get pay , ng me dance, laugh and cry! For an independent film, they were able to exceed our expectations! Distribution hope to quickly for these people, they deserve it. The cast and crew were great. Our children were just as impressed with the film. Some of the answers that they do not believe it is appropriate for children. With those I would have to say the film is not suitable for all children. Basically, when the child grows up and individuals. Rich and Mickey.

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