Saturday, August 24, 2013

Trance 2013 English [DVD] AC3 Torrent Download

Trance (2013)

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Trance torrent

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Year: 2013
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Director: Danny Boyle
Starring: James McAvoy, Vincent Cassel, Rosario Dawson

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Art auctioneer, dealing with a group of criminals with partners hypnotherapist to recover a lost painting has mixed.
Since my Danny Boyle fandom began in 2007, he's had a wonderful habit of complementarity. Sunshine blew me away and still enjoy today, Slumdog Millionaire was an entertaining experience and 127 hours is so amazing that it really cathartic is next to Trainspotting in my book. He's totally her up enough for me to call me a lifetime fan, but when it comes to trance, you seem to have forgotten over the past 17 years. I see what he's trying to do here.I love his debut Shallow Grave, when I'm on my first Danny Boyle was high with four of his filmóww my top 10 of all time, Grave was my favorite. Boyle's own favorite. It is the assumption that the debut is always the best because it best reflects the energy of the new talent. Boyle could miss England, he did not set the video here millions, almost 10 years ago. Quality couldve trance was expectable Boyle back in the 90s, but has a better than standard announced its acceptable.It not feel as if movie wouldve Boyle Establishing a shallow grave under pressure and then crashed. How Grave features a triptych of immoral characters who seduced taunt and torment each other to get what they want. There is no root. But that's okay, the tomb of the work, but it creeps trance stuff and put it in a strange world that is dangerous but funny to the point where he disagrees, he wants us to question what is real and that is not true, but the real world is so strange that it has already lost me. It has a secret, and it makes me intrigued, but it solves it in a very contrived if unpredictable.The hole is quite nice, but it is in the middle, like a jumbled mess, I do not know what's going on , nor do I care. Huge turns are a step too far and leads him to experience visceral and often cruel. Better in the sense that it made the story and the characters richer, but it did not really improve the movie. But boring in your account, it never. Its just ridiculous and confusing. The least you can expect from Boyle is a whirlwind of visuals and music, and the music and as always, the camera work is really all over the place and did not feel the film. It feels amateurs and free from air and character.Its movie that knows what it wants to be - fun, funny or stunning? It ends just uncomfortable. To be fair, that provide some excitement, but it really does not add up, and emotionally resonant. And this is something Boyle charm that I love, regardless of the packaging. McAvoy and Cassel performances are great, even if their characters are completely confused. Unfortunately, Dawson does not stand up to it, but a strong start, the more that is involved, the more out of place it is. Very disappointing, the worst, even among a million Life Less Ordinary.4/10

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