Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fight Club 1999 [English] (DVD) 720p Torrent Download

Fight Club (1999)

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Fight Club torrent

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Year: 1999
Genre: Drama
Director: David Fincher
Starring: Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, Helena Bonham Carter

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Looking for a way to the life of an insomniac office worker change crosses paths with a devil-may-care soap maker and make an underground fight club evolves into something much, much more ...
This film is, in principle, at least in my opinion, one of the greatest movies ever, period. I read the book later, and just enjoyed the book. The movie is definitely for young film critics in general is higher, so you can not appreciate this movie. The film defines the younger generation just younger people can relate to that, however, the older (mean age +) appreciate the arts ea cula, the beauty of the camera work and the excellent results. The film, in all aspects is fantastic, starting with a rather humorous story about a person, we will know who the narrator. It goes to show how they live and their lifestyles. Only in these scenes is to say pasaran quotes history, and only the first twenty minutes. The film tends to evolve more rapidly that the film continues. We go into the narrators psyche, and found that it is different from most people in this world have a tendency to tell people what they want to hear, but not the whole truth. Almost everyone can relate to the main character, and feels like a real person, not a character in a story. This is partly due to the excellent leadership as well as the book, but because of the amazing performance by Edward Norton for the most part. It is, in my opinion, is an Oscar performance. Bradd Pitt gives his best performance to date, he is definitely an excellent pair of David Fincher, who seem to share an item municipality when making movies, I guess. I have every intention of buying this movie when it was released on VHS and DVD. Do yourself a favor, watch this movie, if it is not an option, at least read the book. If you are younger and feel discontent with society, this film.

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