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The Lords of Salem 2012 [Eng].DVDScr Torrent Download

The Lords of Salem (2012)

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The Lords of Salem torrent

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Year: 2012
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Director: Rob Zombie
Starring: Sheri Moon Zombie, Bruce Davison, Jeff Daniel Phillips

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Heidi, a radio DJ, a record sent with a box - a gift from the Lord. Turn on the sound of the ins and outs of the city's violent memories of his past. Heidi is crazy, or the Lord will return to Salem, Massachusetts in revenge?
If you're not a fan of Rob Zombie so beware and maybe even if you're a fan. Rob Zombie genre latest trip to the region is the result of a mixed bag most of whom work in my opinion. Centered on the Salem radio host, Heidi Hawthorne sent a record from a local band called Lords. At that moment the music came to a strange, seductive trance found in the city's female population. Heidi and himself began to experience strange events such as sightings of strange and terrible mood ounces in the apartment next to hers. The film you see is about witches. But do not ya witch population with a screen and literature lately is an old school hardcore, nasty, very nasty, dirty, medieval witch. It all culminates in a spooky, fever end dreamesque to interfere with and even make you laugh a little. Rob Zombie prides itself on creating a thick, hazy atmosphere of age. The film is saturated with grainy film makes it feel like an old school horror movie late 70s and saturated with color dripping red neon will of electric blues. The film is shot beautifully with smooth panning shots and wonderful inventive angles and all mixed with trancey good score mounted. But it is not all that great and mostly to do with a limited budget film. Zombie trying to make a low budget film work but only 2,500,000 won too many really ambitious and although you can feel the inevitable budget constraints workload creative act. So despite the odd and creepy in places you can not help but snicker larger movie special effects sequence derived from hammy and fake looking. As usual the show was relatively stable throughout. Many people complain about her husband being the leader but he is not good enough with it even though he was somewhat limited by the character development and the overall experience. The real standout here besides beautiful woman witch Dee Wallace Stone, Patricia Quinn and Judy Geeson is Meg Foster as lead witch. He is awesome strange cry long paper but alluringly seductive in her 80s as Evil Lynn Masters of the Universe and Live them but he did it wholeheartedly. She is a very scary word. And overall, the film manages to stand still very good movie. It started out very strong and continue to the top. But then when the third film in a state of hallucination receded somewhat expected just a little too weird and flashy looking. That being said, with more of a budget, who knows. What is the original stand homages to works regarded Italian horror maestro Dario Argento and others and it is something that is really noteworthy at this time. For better or worse, and you will not see a movie like this and that is why I always show up and buy a ticket when the Zombies name attachted something. 3.5 / 5

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