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The Descendants 2011 (Eng) (BDRip) (x264) Torrent Download

The Descendants (2011)

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The Descendants torrent

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Year: 2011
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Director: Alexander Payne
Starring: George Clooney, Shailene Woodley, Amara Miller

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Land baron with two daughters after his wife was seriously injured in a boating accident trying to connect again.
This is a great movie, no doubt about it. But the combination of a Golden Globe and an Academy Award, a positive reaction IMDb, I expected much more.The story and premise of the film is perfect. In fact, the slogan has attracted much attention: it attempts to reconnect with her daughters. This is exactly the kind of movie I like. Right away I could tell that it was a movie about character development and human connection, typically breed with most potential.Unfortunateli, it was just decent, but not special. I felt like a movie built so much potential, but failed to release him at some point during the film. The entire film, for me, felt forward in nature. It does not have a plot, because the plot is advanced, but the overall feeling of the film leading up to the event felt more and more dramatic, you never happened.Its Sounds simple to explain my feelings towards the film because it was not a technical fault or specific needs. However, it is linger around and watch my little distracted. I felt like it was more to explore in Clooneis character and the character of their daughters. Also, I think I Clooneis element of the performance impact. It was a good performance, of course, but again, because I felt like there was more to explore, of course, I felt like his performance have been added (but not necessarily better). About Oscar this movie, I compared with other similar movies. And unfortunately, I did not feel as if there is sufficient connection between the characters ... which established the ability to find a connection, did not act in my opinion. Unfortunately, I have to say that it is better developed to re-establish links movies.In summary, this is an enjoyable film, but it lacks some key features that exacerbated the viewing experience to a certain degree.

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